Tuesday, May 19, 2009

More TV News...

It's Upfronts week and yes, its action-packed (so to speak)... As I'd mentioned in my Season finales post last week, my TV appetite is ginormous & is definitely being fed this week...

Shows that I watch that have been renewed:

> Bones - for TWO seasons, baby! yeah! (btw - for those of you interested, the whole amnesia thing in the finale - well, it doesn't seem to be amnesia anymore - I found this after days of trolling spoiler blogs & other sites - Hart Hanson has tweeted that "everything was done for a reason" - it better be good sir!)

> Fringe - whooohoo
> Grey's Anatomy - anybody doubt this?
> Castle - surprise, surprise - yes.
> Private Practice - thank god, I can't stand not knowing what happens to Violet
> The Big Bang Theory - also for two seasons. Live long and prosper.

Shows that I used to watch and are now canceled:

> Life - sad.
> Eli Stone - old news, still.
> Dirty Sexy Money - old news, still.
> Pushing Daisies - old news.
> Samantha Who? - what the frak?! I loved this show.

Shows that I used to watch that are now renewed:

> Brothers & Sisters
> Ugly Betty
> Scrubs
> House
> Smallville
> Heroes

Popular shows that I don't watch that are renewed/cancelled:

> How I met your mother (HIMYM) - I missed the train on this one, but will watch it at some point of time - thank god for NetFlix - renewed.
> Lost - renewed - only 13 episodes left, it's back in Jan 2010.
> Prison Break - canceled
> Sarah Connor - canceled
> The Office - missed the train on this one too - renewed
> Friday Night Lights - renewed
> Gossip Girl - renewed
> One Tree Hill - renewed

Ausiello keep his Fall TV Cheat Sheet continually updated - click here. You can also follow Ausiello on Twitter - in his own words "If you can't wait for the page to refresh, you can stalk me on Twitter."

It's funny how I remember the PR for a lot of the newer shows - Kings, Kath & Kim, The Unusuals etc. And now they're canceled - talk about 15 mins of fame!

I'm gonna miss Samantha Who? - really. It was hilarious. But the rest of my TV schedule for fall seems safe now. Fox is pairing Bones & Fringe on Thursday nights - talk about a double whammy. Also, given the fact that Grey's and Private Practice are also on ABC on Thursday nights during the same time slot - the competition is fierce!

Of course, a lot of fall premieres too - Peter Krause, Kelsey Grammer, Patricia Heaton, Courtney Cox all have new shows coming out - we'll just have to wait and see...

Oh and also, soon Hulu will have content from ABC too - maybe that will help pass the summer...

Any shows on your must-list that you think I should watch? Sound off below! Later then, ta!

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