Sunday, July 1, 2007

Not all those who wander are lost...

I've been prancing around the idea of my own blog for a while now... on and off though and on again now.. I've often wondered if my blog would hold eyeballs for more than 10 secs .. but hey if you've got this far – thanks for your 10 secs! I've never considered my life even mildly interesting – err let me rephrase that .. my life as others see it has never been interesting .. but inside my head – its a whole another story .. so here I am .. decided to dust off my dormant writing skills – ok – not award winning, cutting edge cool stuff .. but musings of a mind that refuses to shut up most of the time.. although I'm not sure how well-received this is going to be ... but still I write therefore I am ..

I've decided my blog's not gonna be about any one thing in particular – think of this as my Pensieve .. yes you got that right – I am a Potter fan .. not of the not-so-cleverly-disguised inspiration from Tolkien's LOTR – but of the narrative and the way Rowling paints a verbal picture. I'm digressing ... before I'm labelled as She-who-reads-children's-fiction, I'd like to name some of the books that have caught my attention for more time than I thought they would .. False Impression by Jeffrey Archer, Sphere (yes the book by Crichton, not the movie) and Hades Factor by Ludlum. Mind you this list is not exhaustive – just my top 3 if you will .. Maybe it was my mental landscape when I read them, maybe the book itself – I will never know .. but these 3 did get my always-wandering attention..

I don't consider myself a serious writer (ok ok before you start shaking your head – I do have some writing behind me – in school and under grad) – my early stuff was definitely not Booker prize worthy but now that I think about it – I wonder where those words, those thoughts came from.. My verbal wanderings as a child are curious in that I often wonder –“ hey i used to write then.. why the heck am i not able to bring myself to write now ?”.. My language skills were always above average – maybe even borderline good .. but I never have and never will consider myself a proper writer .. maybe this is as far as i will go .. maybe not .. who knows .. the world could be my oyster ..

A lot of my personality seems to be linked to music – my childhood music classes, veena classes .. for me to have spent all those years singing and playing music .. for me to have even been given a chance to do those wonderful things.. someone must have seen potential in me.. and now .. it is the music i hear – even in office i would probably plug my shuffle in and shut the world out – my bliss is in music . I know that .. but am not gonna take those first scary steps to make music my life's work – I am too stage shy and I prefer the stability and the economic gratification my current job provides .. I'll just let my creative juices flow here .. maybe that will be relief enough ..

I'm probably the type that ends up saying 5 more sentences than necessary to explain something but hey that's me .. and I don't think I'm gonna consciously curb that .. So here we are ..

Movies .. music .. technology .. my life revolves around these – in one form of the other .. and I suppose this blog is going to see a fair share of each of these ..

are you wondering why the word “friends” hasn't made it to the afore mentioned list? Well its just plain sad that life seems to have got in the way of spending time with my friends .. or maybe it isn't .. ppl change and so do their friends .. heck i sure have changed .. but let me stop for a while and put into 0s and 1s just what my friends meant to me (that's right, I AM a software engineer) – they know who they are – they were my lifeline through 3 terribly uncomfortable years in post grad – uncomfortable in the sense – i didn't identify with most of the junta there .. these 8 were my personal lighthouses in the rough seas .. I wouldn't have made it through if not for them and for that they have my eternal gratitude .. there were times when 24 hours didn't seem enough to hang around with them and have the times of our lives .. now that i think about it , we were quite an eclectic bunch – they were achievers in their own right – be it academics, sports, culturals or just plain goofiness .. i know i am being nostalgic but hey – you know what they say – the light of memories keeps the wolf of insignificance from the door ..

I now have more acquaintances than friends .. and yes they are mostly work-related..

so here ends my first blog – a little long winded yes .. but hopefully the first in a long line to help soothe my nerves .. till the next blog then .. ciao!