Monday, July 27, 2009

TV Roster update

Summer 2009 - y'all know I've been busy watching summer movies, but I didn't neglect TV (are you wondering where I have the time for all this? Psssstt.... its a secret.)

Anyways, due to the sad, certainly untimely demise of a few shows I was watching this time last year, I've been left with some open spots on my list and it's been quite fun filling those up...

  • Eli Stone - nice finale I thought, with Eli finally getting some closure about his dad

  • Samantha Who? - now this makes me S.A.D. Given, not the funniest show on TV today, but it was still very good... I'm ok with where the characters ended up. Sad its over, but ok

  • Dirty Sexy Money - I'm all caught up now, I guess only a couple more (or maybe just one) ep(s) to go...
And here's what I've started watching now:
  • Leverage - why didn't anyone tell me about this show? Lovin it! Its like an endless Ocean's 11. Well written, elaborate modern day Robinhood plots. And I'm totally geeked out watching Hardison with all that sweet gadgetry. This is on my must-list now. Definitely.

  • How I Met Your Mother - I was gonna use the summer hiatus to get all caught up and I did - NPH - you're totally awesome. Totally.

  • Friday Night Lights - Ok so I watched the first 2 seasons back to back on NetFlix instant. The cast is very natural & quite talented. I didn't expect to like a show centered around football so much...

  • Sanctuary - ok before you say anything, you should know I was a big fan of Angel, Buffy , the X-Files etc. So this show fit right in. Some of the story lines were bit of a stretch, but the season finale with Nikola Tesla, James Watson, John Druitt, Magnus and Griffin's grand-daughter (in other words, the vampire, the 160 yr old inventor of Radio, Jack the Ripper, Magnus (what is her power anyway, apart from the fact that she's a 157?) and the Invisible man's grand-daughter), was simply cool. I mean, how many show can boast of story lines bringing these 5 historical characters together? And Dr. Z (Robin Dunne) still has that charming, wide-eyed I-can't-believe-this-is-so-real thing going on. Nice.

  • Warehouse 13 - I said it before and I will say it again, the 'chemistry' between the lead characters feels like a pale imitation of Brennan & Booth's chemistry on Bones - and I'm really not a fan of the shove-it-in-your-face-so-you-notice forced banter. But Saul Rubinek & the purple goo (Ghostbusters anyone?) will keep me watching for a bit. Until Bones returns anyway ;)

  • The IT Crowd - 'Have ya tried turning it off and on?' gets me everytime :D :D & thus my love of Brit comedy has been completely revived with this show. Geeks rule the world! There are talks about a Christmas special & a new season. Can hardly wait. I haven't laughed so hard in such a long time - it felt great... (Don't let the title mislead you, this show's funny enough to earn a couple of BAFTA & Emmy nominations...)
On a side note, I tried to start watching Party Down, but it didn't hook me right away, like Leverage did. Now these last 3 shows started just in 2008-2009 and I can't say this enough, but Leverage is good. All hail NetFlix instant/Hulu!

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