Monday, September 8, 2008

Get your Chrome on

In case you haven't heard already, Google has launched a new browser Chrome - which I've been happily using since the day of its launch...

Its fast, light, feature packed and could seriously pose a threat to the IE/Firefox browser domination out there... What I really really liked - lets you import bookmarks from both IE and Firefox - which is the next logical step I would think - seeing that IE imported its own bookmarks, Firefox imported IE's and now Chrome does them all!

Here's the link to Google's Official Blog (yes, I read it regularly) -

And here's a few articles that have some cool tricks for Chrome (if you think Chrome is cool, these links make it look cooler!!) - read in this order -

My fave - the third link, point#3 - definitely worth a look..

Gripes: No RSS feeds on sites (yet), bookmarks are not-so-well-organized

and yes, I know, I promised Part 3 of my blog-arc and yes, I'll definitely write it up soon - life got in the way :(

ciao for now!!

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